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Mindy Schlossberg Files for At-Large EWEB Commissioner

Eugene, OR – Eugene resident Mindy Schlossberg filed for the at-large EWEB position, representing all of Eugene.  Schlossberg entered the race as the current at-large EWEB Commissioner, John Simpson, steps down after serving on the Board for 11 years.

“We are so fortunate to have a publicly owned utility in Eugene and I’m running to make sure that EWEB continues to uphold our community’s values.  I’m running for the environment – to make sure that Eugene continues to have clean water and that we strive to lower our carbon footprint; I’m running for families – we need to find ways to encourage landlords to invest in energy conservation measures that will translate into lower utility bills for working families; and I’m running for Eugene – I believe we need increased collaboration between EWEB, the city of Eugene, Lane County, and other government agencies to leverage our collective will to make Eugene a better place.”

Mindy Schlossberg has worked professionally with environmental organizations, including as a Peace Corps volunteer in Fiji, and currently works as a Speech Language Pathologist for Early Childhood CARES, where she serves preschool-aged children and their families in Lane County.

Schlossberg’s announcement has already drawn support from city leaders.

“If ever there was a time we need our EWEB board to be focused on the future, it is now. Mindy Schlossberg understands we have a responsibility to provide clean power that is affordable and accessible for all our families.  Public power is more valuable and more threatened than ever and your EWEB board has a key role in fighting for our rights. I encourage you to vote for Mindy and send her to work for us.” – Former Mayor Kitty Piercy

“Mindy Schlossberg is the right candidate to help EWEB navigate through the next decade, as she is a forward thinker and will listen to all voices of the ratepayer owners of EWEB.  She has the ability to listen, advocate, and see the big picture in addressing both the short and long term challenges the utility faces. She will be a good steward of our environment, while maintaining reliability and affordability priorities in the years to come. I fully support Mindy’s candidacy for the at large position on the EWEB Board in 2018.” – EWEB Commissioner John Brown




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